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Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement

The growing unrest in South Sudan has led to one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today. Since fighting renewed in 2013, more than 2 million South Sudanese have fled the country. While Pure has fortunately escaped most of the violence to date, fighting has taken place nearby and most of our villagers have fled across the border to Uganda.


Bidi Bidi is a small village in northern Uganda that is approximately 10 miles as the crow flies from our village of Pure in South Sudan. Since opening a refugee settlement camp there in August 2016, it has grown to become the largest refugee camp in the world with over 270,000 refugees. In less time than it took to grow a crop of maize, a refugee camp with a population roughly the same as Orlando sprouted from nothing - it is truly a stunning and tragic event. Families are granted 60'x100' plots of land to live on and the UN provides 6 kgs/person/month of food rations, which had initially been 12 kgs/person/month.


Pure Joy Foundation remains committed to the people of South Sudan and we constructed a secondary school at Bidi Bidi in February 2018 to support the students there. Additionally, a partner has graciously drilled a water well at the location. After learning that most students are selling rations in order to pay for fees and supplies, we launched a scholarship program based upon 1st Term results and made our inaugural awards in July ranging from 25%-100% scholarships. We also learned that many students have been selected by their parents as the only child in the family to attend school, as the parents cannot afford to send more than one child. Children shouldn't need to sell their food rations in order to attend school, nor should parents need to select which child from their family will receive an education.


There is a tremendous silver lining in this current tragedy - given the availability and eagerness of teachers in the camp, we can equip and operate the school incredibly cost-effectively. $10/month will support a student either through scholarship or sponsorship. Given the overwhelming number of potential students, we expect to have 500+ students enrolled by the end of the year. We need your help. 


We are overwhelmingly grateful for the support that we have received from you in the past. If this initiative resonates with you, we’d love for you to come alongside us again. As with all of our initiatives, donations are tax deductible and 100% of funds go directly to the projects as all overhead and administrative expenses are paid by the founders. Additionally, thanks to commitments from generous supporters, donations made at this time are being matched $1 for every $1 donated. While donations to most charities result in $0.75-$0.85 going directly to projects, donations to Pure Joy Foundation at this time results in $2 going directly to projects.


Thank you from the PJF team


Each of us has the ability to make a profound difference in the world. 

The question isn’t whether we have the ability,

it’s whether we have the desire.

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