Clean Water


​Pure Joy recently drilled a borehole at the primary school and it is the only source of clean water within 5 miles. The village of Pure at one time included 7,000 villagers.  Most fled during the war, but refugees are now returning.  The current borehole will not be enough to support such a large population; thus, more will be needed.  The cost of additional boreholes is $5,000+.  Pure Joy  is soliciting individual donations for this initiative. 


Health Initiatives



The new P1-P8 school does not have a latrine system, so Pure Joy is working with the community to build pit latrines. The community will provide the labor, while Pure Joy will supply the materials.  The cost for the latrines is projected to be $4,000.  Pure Joy is soliciting individual donations for this initiative. 



Pure Joy will continue to work with Eyejusters to ensure that the people of Pure have access to eyeglasses.  The cost of Eyejusters are only $15 per pair and Pure Joy is soliciting individual donations for this initiative.​


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