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Education Initiatives

Secondary School


Most secondary schools (High Schools) are boarding schools located in larger towns.  Tuition, fees, room and board is approximately $850-900 per year.



Pure Joy intends to establish a scholarship program to support the top male and female from each P8 class.  Selection will be based upon academic excellence and financial need. 


As part of our " Support a Student " program, Pure Joy will solicit individual donations for sponsorship of additional students.


Support a Student


Pure Joy is soliciting individual donations for sponsorship of students.  Projected annual cost for fees and school supplies:


Preschool  $25 fees + $10 supplies 

P1-P4         $50 fees + $25 supplies

P5-P8         $100 fees+ $50 supplies

S1-S4         $850 per year  

In conjunction with our "Light the Night" program, Pure Joy will provide solar reading lights to each new student at a cost of $10 per light.


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