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Light the Night

Support a Student


When the sun goes down in Pure, it becomes as dark as your closet at night. As such, the children must complete their chores and their studies before sunset. 

Since December 2012, Pure Joy has provided solar reading lights to each student to allow them to study at night.  We have committed to ensure that each new student will receive a light when they begin their studies. We are soliciting individual donations to support this initiative. Including shipping, the cost for these lights is approximately $10 and the benefit is truly life changing.


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Support a Senior


​Pure Joy intends to provide a microfinance loan to a new business venture that will sell solar lights to the community.  Profits from the business will be split between the entrepreneur and the school. We intend to provide additional lights to the business which they will provide freely to needy seniors who are unable to purchase one for themselves.  It is envisioned that for every nine lights sold by the business, one light wlll be provided to a needy senior selected by the chief and elders of the community.  Pure Joy is soliciting individual donations to support this initiative. $10 will change the life of a senior.


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